• STEM logo STEM is branching out at SPS!
    What is STEM? Educational leaders in recent years have increasingly embraced the need for STEM principles in the classroom. Technically, the acronym stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. In practice, the STEM approach crosses disciplines to engage students in project-based learning. 
    In an effort to embrace the whole child during student learning, the district is moving to a more inclusive STEAM model - that is, STEM plus the Arts. 
    By approaching teaching and learning through project-based collaborative problem solving, our students gain a deeper understanding of scientific practices and the importance of teamwork. They are not only acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge required to have bright and successful futures, but through meaningful and authentic ways, acting now as participating citizens of their community.

    Learn more at the district's STEAM site, which contains

    For more information about the STEM/STEAM Leadership Team, contact Dara Brennan at 541-726-3225.