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    Springfield Safe Routes to School’s mission is to serve a diverse community of parents, students and organizations in advocating for and promoting the practice of safe bicycling and walking to and from schools throughout Springfield.
    SRTS accomplishes its mission through the 6 Es:
    • Evaluation: Student Transportation Tallies, Car Counts, Parent Surveys
    • Education: Bike and Pedestrian Safety Education Classes
    • Encouragement: Walk+Bike Challenge Month and Boltage Walking Incentives
    • Enforcement: Crossing Guards, Speed Readers, Officer Enforcement
    • Engineering: Infrastructure improvements (bike racks, crosswalks, sidewalks, bike lanes, etc.)
    • Equity: Our program strives to distribute Safe Routes to School planning, resources and educational programming equitably across the Eugene-Springfield region. We strive to incorporate equity into each of the other Es listed above.
    Hamlin Middle School, Agnes Stewart Middle School, and Page Elementary School were Springfield's 2013-2014 SRTS Focus schools. The 2014-2015 SRTS Focus Schools were Guy Lee and Centennial elementary schools and Briggs Middle School. 
    In 2015-16, SRTS continued to with Guy Lee, Centennial and Briggs Middle School as they moved into the evaluation stages of their SRTS action plans, and initiated the action plan process for Two Rivers-Dos Ríos and Riverbend elementary schools and Thurston Middle School.
    In 2016-17, SRTS developed action plans for Douglas Gardens, Mt. Vernon and Thurston elementary schools.
  • Walking Maps Available!
    Walking maps are now available for every Springfield school! The maps are designed to help families select routes for their student to walk to school. Recommended routes typically have sidewalks and protected street crossings, or use low-traffic neighborhood streets. 
    walking map agnes
    Maps are available for download in English and Spanish from the LTD Point2Point site.

  • To learn more about the Eugene-Springfield Safe Routes to School Program, visit http://www.eugenespringfieldsrts.org/.
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    Contact SRTS: Laughton Elliott-Deangelis, laughton.elliott-dea@springfield.k12.or.us, 541-726-3443 (office) or 541-228-0699 (cell) 
    Springfield SRTS is an Oregon Department of Transportation grant-funded program.