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    SPS Online is a K-12 learning option offered through Springfield Public Schools. Students will learn in an engaging, digitally rich environment with the support of a team of committed teachers and local support staff.
    The program offers students the best of both worlds — online classes for all or part of their school day with all the benefits of their neighborhood school.
    Thanks to a partnership with well-established online providers, students are able to customize their education. Students can opt for all online classes or dual enrollment in their neighborhood school —  allowing them to benefit both from the online classes and from the excellent teachers, rich curriculum and wide array of opportunities available at our outstanding Springfield schools.
    Best of all, core classes (math, language arts, science and social studies) for middle and high school students are taught by local (SPS) teachers, giving students greater support opportunities and access to teachers.
    Here are just a few examples of what your student may tap into in addition to online classes:*
     • Music, PE, and clubs
    • Instructional interventions
     • Sports
    • Guidance counseling   
     • After-school programs
    • Dual enrollment options
       at area colleges
     • Parent groups
    • Graduation activities
    * Not all activities are available at all schools. Families will need to communicate with school personnel about options and availability.
    Contact us!
    Contact Dennis Gray, SPS Online Coordinator, at 541-726-3298.
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    How to apply:
    • Current SPS students should start by contacting their school counselor.
    • Out-of-district and home school students can contact Dennis Gray at 541-726-3298.