School Supplies

Posted by Sherry Moore on 9/1/2022

Back-to-School Supplies: In addition to a school-provided device and course-specific supplies, Thurston High School Teachers have compiled a list of items all students should have to engage fully in class.

  • All students should have a backpack, and a personal supply of:

  • paper

  • writing utensils (both pens and pencils)

  • highlighters

  • 1-2 notebooks

  • and a binder. Note: Teachers strongly recommend no zipper binders!

  • 9th/10th grades use scientific calculators such as a TI30XIIS or TI30XS.

  • 11th/12th grade students taking Algebra II or above are strongly encouraged to have a TI83 or TI84 calculator (these are allowed on CN or AP exams and the ACT/SAT). 

  • Student clothing should not depict drugs, alcohol, violence or harassment.