protocols when planning what to wear to school.

Hello Two Rivers - Dos Rios Families!

These are just a couple, quick friendly reminders. With the summer weather becoming more prevalent every day, we appreciate your help in helping our students adhere to the following protocols when planning what to wear to school. Please remember that school is a place to learn and play. We ask students to come to school in shoes that are sturdy and safe (save your flip flops for weekends and after school) and clothes that are comfortable and appropriate inside the classroom as well as on the playground. Hats and hoods are not to be worn inside the building. Clothing bottoms should come to at least the mid thigh and shirts should cover the waist. As it gets warmer too, sending a student with a water bottle is strongly recommended. Thank you again for your attention to this.

Also, families, please remind your students to check the lost and found for any missing clothing or items before the end of May. Remaining clothing and items after that date will be donated to Goodwill.

Thanks so much, and Go Otters! Warmly,

Charlie Jett, Principal

Kristen Noor, Assistant Principal