Hello Two Rivers - Dos Rios families!

It’s that time of year again! It’s time to confirm your enrollment for next year and verify the info we have on file for you and your kiddos. Verifying early helps us plan for next year and gives the office time to process the info before summer break.

This year, ParentVue is even easier than ever to use, and we are trying for 95% online participation! Once you get information in for one student, it’s super easy to add another and update them all at once. You can even do it on your phone. No more paperwork, and no more repeating information for multiple students. It saves all of us time and money, and, even though you may not use it much for elementary school, you will absolutely be using it in middle and high school, so why not start now!

Haven’t been in there yet? No worries - we can help! If you have a current student, you already have a ParentVue account. Just use this link below to access it. Please know that, as always, you can call the office anytime for help!
If you’ve already been in ParentVue but have forgotten your password, we can reset it.

If you haven’t been in yet, we can give you an activation code that will get you started. You’ll then be asked to create a password.
LINK FOR ACCESS (copy and paste):

What to look for: Please take the time to review all the information carefully. Be sure to update any custodial or health information that we need to know. Check your phone numbers, work information, and review emergency contacts. Please note that you can and should call us anytime to let us know of any needed updates.

Required documents: Yes, ParentVue is going to ask you for proof of address each year. Taking a picture of a utility bill and uploading it works for a lot of people, but If it’s more complicated than that, or you have other info to update - for example, custody documents, name changes, or health information - you can email it or stop by the office to discuss.
LINK TO PARENT VIEW (copy and paste):

Thank you so much!
Charlie Jett, Principal
Kristen Noor, Assistant Principal