Walterville Flood Update #1 - 01/06/22

Posted by Nicki Gorham on 1/6/2022

Good morning, Wildcats,

This year continues to bring surprises, but I know that our community is strong and resilient. As you know, we had to cancel school today as a result of extensive flooding throughout our building.

As our team arrived to campus this morning they found that Potter’s creek had breached its banks and there was roughly three inches of water throughout much of our building. Our district teams quickly responded and began placing sand bags and pumping the excess water from our building.

What we know at this time:

  • School will be cancelled again tomorrow while crews continue to evaluate the situation.
  • Students and families who have items that they urgently need access to should contact Ms. Lynette in the office to arrange a time to collect them tomorrow, Friday, January 7
  • There will be a great deal of restoration that will be needed at our facility and our team is working to develop a plan for students to still engage in in-person learning while the work occurs. 

We know this is disheartening as our community experienced a similar event in 1996, but I am confident in the strength of our team and the heart of our community that we’ll navigate this hurdle as smoothly as possible for our students.

I know that there are many questions and I will keep you updated as more is known. Thank you for your ongoing flexibility as we work together to support our students.