SPS Family Update 7-26-21

Posted by Nicki Gorham on 7/26/2021

We hope that you are well into a restful and healthy summer as life continues to slowly return to the familiar. We apologize for this interruption into your break, but are committed to sharing information and updates as they are finalized so that everyone has the most accurate information as they plan for the fall return to school. 

At the end of June, Governor Brown lifted the majority of the COVID-19 restrictions in Oregon. Additionally, the Oregon Department of Education and the Oregon Health Authority provided a framework for school this fall that provides greater flexibility to local districts to work directly with their local health department to develop health protocols that meet the needs of their community. 

Together with Lane County Public Health, school districts in Lane County have worked diligently to implement all mandated health and safety guidance. Here in Springfield, we are proud of the precautions and procedures that were implemented to maintain the health and safety of our school communities. 

 Last Thursday, we received the most current recommendations from our state agencies that has allowed us to finalize high-level planning for the safe return of our students and staff this fall.  

Beginning in September the following health and safety protocols will be in place at SPS: 

  • Five days a week school schedules: students and staff will return to a normal school calendar with five days a week in-person instruction
  • Face coverings recommended, not required: while face coverings remain an effective and strongly recommended measure to limit the spread of COVID-19, they will be highly recommended and welcomed in SPS schools but no longer required for students or staff. (Exception: While riding the school bus)
  • Set up spaces for three feet physical distance: SPS will continue to arrange learning spaces to provide three feet of physical distance to the maximum extent possible while not limiting activities.
  • Continue to work closely with Lane County Public Health (LCPH): our schools and district facilities will continue to maintain contact logs in order to effectively work with LCPH in identifying COVID cases as well as those who are considered exposed to COVID-19, and potentially required to quarantine. 
  • Diligently follow other safety measures: SPS staff will continue to disinfect and clean high-touch surfaces, maintain the increased fresh air flow through the enhanced filtration and purification systems. 

Our district believes that these measures coupled with on-going, frequent hand washing breaks and a shared commitment to stay home when ill will help us all remain healthy and safe this coming year. 

 While there are still details for this fall that are still in process as it is clear COVID-19 is not fully behind us, we are thankful to begin to shift our focus and energy squarely on the important task of preparing every student for a bright and successful future!

 Please do not hesitate to reach out with additional questions through our district Let’s Talk portal. We’ll ensure you’re connected with the right individual to answer your specific questions. Additionally, we have developed a frequently asked questions page and will be posting and updating information as it finalizes. 

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Springfield Public Schools