Posted by Kristin Woodford on 5/9/2023

Dear Yolanda Families, 
I wanted to share a quick update about our upcoming Jog-a-thon with you all. We have heard from many of you seeking to watch your students run in Friday’s Jog-A-Thon. Thank you to those who reached out! We’ve worked to create a plan to invite spectators to this event. Friday from 10:15-11:00 we invite you to cheer from the grandstands of SHS as our students participate in their jog-a-thon. You’ll have a great spot to view the running and a shaded area as we’re expecting some extra sun and heat. Please allow extra time for parking and making your way to the grandstands. The parking area is used by our neighboring schools and you may need to park in the community. The gates will open at 10:15.
We’ll have a sign-in process for our volunteers and a station to pick up your badges and assignments for the event. We are pleased to welcome all of the Yolanda Community to be visitors in the stands.
Thanks to everyone who helped us make this fabulous event possible. We welcome a return of one of our favorite traditions.
Many thanks, 
Kari Isham