Posted by Kristin Woodford on 8/22/2022

Dear Yolanda Students, Parents and Guardians,

It’s that time of summer… to start thinking about the start of a new school year, connecting with friends, greeting new classmates and digging back into learning and growing our brains.

School starts on Wednesday, September 7th at 8:35 a.m. Doors open at 8:00 for students who eat breakfast at school and at 8:15 for everyone else. Our school day is from 8:35 – 2:50. Teachers will welcome students into class at 8:20, if your student arrives before 8:20 they will need to wait in the gym.

This year, if you are dropping off your child, you may walk them to the classroom door in the mornings. We ask that you say your goodbye outside in the hallway and then depart campus. We are excited for this opportunity that has been missing for the past couple of years. If you plan to do this the earliest we can have you in the hallways is 8:20, so you will need to plan accordingly. Dismissal will still require adults to meet their students outside the gates.

Our Classroom teachers this year:

Kindergarten: Mrs. Badenoch, Mrs. Price, Mrs. Thompson

First grade: Mrs. Arnold (Harbour), Mrs. Campbell, Mrs. Norris

Second grade: Mr. Mabus, Ms. Stevens

Second/Third grade blend: Mr. Fine

Third grade: Mrs. Jones, Ms. Zsiga

Fourth grade: Mrs. Brice & Mrs. Connor, Mrs. Bowman, Mrs. Masterson

Fourth/Fifth grade blend: Mrs. Robinette

Fifth grade: Mrs. Paschall, Mrs. Pratt

Learning Specialist: Mr. Sasser

Behavior Specialist: Mrs. Bramhall

Music: Mrs. Woodford

PE: Ms. Howe

Library: Mrs. Sebright

Building sub: Ms. Dillon


We have moved to an online registration process. You can access this site from the Springfield

School district website https://www.springfield.k12.or.us/enroll. If you have not registered your child yet, please do so as soon as possible. Your child will not be on a class list if they are not registered. If you are in need of assistance, please call the school: 541-744-6418, Ms. Christine, our Secretary, can assist if needed.

Meet your Teacher:

Come and meet your teacher and drop off your school supplies on Tuesday, September 6th from 4:00-5:00. Go to your classroom drop off supplies, meet your teacher then go to the playground to enjoy a treat from our PTO. We will stagger this event to ensure that everyone feels safe and welcome entering our campus. Families with the last names starting with A-L will come at 4:00 and families with last names starting with M-Z will arrive at 4:30. We ask that large groups of adults don’t congregate inside of the class but rather take a quick trip inside, snap a picture of your student and head back outside to chat with your teacher. Supervision while on the playground will be the responsibility of parents for this event.


Kindergarten runs from 8:35-2:50. Please note that the first week of kindergarten includes a staggered start. A staggered start means that half the class will attend kindergarten the first day of school and the other half the second day of school. No kindergarten students will attend school on Friday. All students will be back with the entire class Monday, September 12th. The staggered start helps greatly with the transition to school for our new kindergarteners.

Wednesday, September 7th- Kindergarten students with last names starting with A-L.

Thursday, September 8th- Kindergarten students with last names starting with M-Z.

Friday, September 9th- No kinder students will attend school, class lists posted in front of school at 4:00.

* Kindergarten students that do not ride the bus, must be met by an adult at the kindergarten gate at the end of the day for a teacher to parent ‘hand off.’

Health and Safety: We are excited that this year will look more like school before the pandemic. However, we still take health and safety seriously. If you would like your student to be masked while at school, we will still provide masks here at Yolanda. We will also be sanitizing regularly and practicing good hand hygiene. As always, if your child is sick please keep them home and call the front office so we can accurately record the absence. If you have any questions regarding whether or not your child should come to school please call the front office.

Visitors and Volunteers: While we love having parents, families and other guests at school, we are not able to have any visitors in the building between the hours of 8:00 - 4:00. However, we are able to have volunteers in the building during school hours. If you are interested in volunteering, please use this link to fill out the district volunteer application. Through this online portal, you will fill out forms for a background check and upload a photo of your Covid vaccination card. Volunteer opportunities will be guided by teacher requests. We will continue to follow current guidance and will update our policy as safety guidelines allow.

If you need to pick up your child during the day, you can call ahead so we can have your child ready to go. When you arrive, you will need to come to the door with your ID.

Bus Routes:

Please check the district website for the 2022-2023 bus routes

https://www.springfield.k12.or.us/Page/85 or call (541) 744-6373. Please take some time to review bus behavior and stops with your child.

Parking Lot:

We strive to make pick-up and drop-off as smooth as possible. We have a lot of families that pick up and drop off students which makes our small parking lot incredibly busy and congested. We ask that you follow these guidelines:

*Please do not allow your children to run through the parking lot.

*Follow the traffic markings to keep everything moving.

*The curbside lane is for QUICK drop offs. This means your student is ready to quickly unload independently. For students that enjoy or need a longer more personal drop off, please park and walk your student in, do not use the curbside drop off lane. The second lane is for cars that have dropped off their students to use as they exit the parking lot. *Students can unload from their car as soon as they can access the sidewalk. This is close to our readerboard.

* The third lane, (the front row of parked cars closest to the school), in the parking lot is also for exiting. Please do not drop off your students in this lane because they often need to cross in front of cars without an adult and it causes delays in those exiting the parking lot.

* For after school pick ups, we ask that your student knows which car they are looking for if you will be using curbside pick up. If you need to park and wait for your student, please use the parking lot so we don’t experience backups and long lines. Please discuss a specific location for them to find you. For example by the big tree, by the bike racks.

*Bike racks are to be used for parking and securing bikes. This is not a space for climbing, running or playing games. Our playground is open after school and is a safer place to enjoy conversation and play with friends.

* As always, we appreciate your kindness, understanding and shared conversations as we focus on student safety. I ask that we model and practice patience in front of our students during this busy time.

Collaboration Early Release:

There are 15 early release Fridays throughout the school year for all elementary, middle and high schools. Early release will allow staff to collaborate and plan together the best ways to support individual students without requiring additional no-school days. For a full list of early release Fridays, please see the district calendar located on our webpage at

https://www.springfield.k12.or.us/domain/107. Students will be served lunch just as they are on a regular school day. The elementary early release time is 12:30.

Technology Devices:

Most of our students have devices at home from last school year. Those who do not will have them checked out during the first couple weeks of school. Remember, devices will be going back and forth from home to school. Please help your child set up a routine to take care of their device at home and charge it every night.

School Breakfast and Lunch:

Breakfast and Lunch will be free to all Springfield Public Schools students this year.

School Supplies:

Please visit the district website to see the school supply list.


Email communication:

It is very important that we have a correct email address for parents. You will be able to access communication platforms and we can send you important information and updates as we continue through the school year.

Please note these important dates on your calendar:

On-going (online) New Student Registration

Thursday, September 6th Meet Your Teacher and Ice Cream Social 4:00 to 5:00 p.m.

Wednesday, September 7th FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL – 8:35 a.m. to 2:50 p.m.

Friday, September 23rd First Early Release Friday: KG – 5th will be released at 12:30



We are very blessed to have an incredibly involved PTO group. Please consider joining this positive, creative and dedicated group that supports so many activities and classroom enrichment opportunities. They will have a table set up at our Meet the Teacher event. You can also send an email to: yolandaelementarypto@gmail.com

THANK YOU for sharing in our excitement as we welcome back our returning Yolanda Cougars and greet our new incoming students. We believe in providing a safe, welcoming, inclusive and FUN place for our students daily. I encourage you to communicate directly with your teachers and our front office if you have any questions or concerns. I am looking forward to sharing this year of learning with you all, as we continue to be thoughtful about health & safety and find creative ways for our community to engage in supporting our students.

Many thanks,

Kari Isham Skelton