*NEW student drop off and pick up procedures 2021*


Please note there is a change to our student drop off and pick up procedure for this upcoming year. This will be only for the 2021 SY! Please review the map and we appreciate your teamwork and patience as we adjust to our new procedure!

A few important contextual details about the change:

  • We are very fortunate to be getting a new covered play structure!
  • Our new covered play structure prevents us from using the playground as a bus loading zone.
  • The School District and City are working to design an new, drop off and pick up system! 
  • This new system will not be in place until the 2022 school year.
  • When we are all done with our process we will have a covered play area and a new and improved parking and drop off system!!

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and know we will be out there with you supporting the safe transition of our amazing Ridgeview students.

Wayne Reposa

Principal Ridgeview