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Board training: Basic roles and responsibilities

At their recent fall planning meeting Springfield School Board members completed a workshop to better understand their roles and responsibilities. The current 2019-20 board is made up of a number of newer members, so much of the training focused on the basics such as school board best practices, details of their roles and what is expected of them as a policy board.

Often times there is confusion about what exactly a school board in Oregon is responsible for.

The board’s major responsibility is setting policy. The board is also charged with hiring the superintendent, setting goals and a vision, setting a budget, approving contracts and monitoring the progress of various efforts.

Essentially, the board is responsible for high-level policy and decision making.
Because they serve the community, board members are also expected to work with the public as they establish the mission and direction of education.

Members of the public often bring concerns forward about district or school-related issues at public school board meetings, and sometimes expect an answer or immediate response to the question or concern. Although the board can respond to the concerns brought forth, they have no direct authority over the day to day district operations.