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Student Success Act: What it means for SPS

Passed by the Oregon Legislature and signed by Oregon Gov. Kate Brown in May, the Student Success Act will provide an additional $2 billion for education and early learning in Oregon over the next two years - with about $500 million going directly or Oregon School districts.

Funding allocations are based on the number of students enrolled in each district. The Springfield School District is expected to receive about $8 million each year.

School districts are required to apply for funding with an already-established a plan for how to allocate the additional money.

As part of that process, the Student Success Act calls on school districts to engage their communities in developing that plan, particularly families and students of color; students with disabilities; students learning English as a second language; and students navigating poverty, homelessness, and foster care.

The funding can be used to:

  • Expand learning time
  • Enhance student health and safety programs, as well as add health professionals and improving facilities.
  • Reduce class size 
  • Expand learning experiences and class options