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School Board Appreciation

This month is Board Appreciation Month!

The Springfield Public Schools is thankful for the leadership, dedication and hard work of our five amazing board members. We would like to recognize each one for all their hard work.

Our five members are- Laurie Adams, who is passionate about kids. Emilio Hernandez, who has been actively involved in both area and national Latino organizations and is passionate about issues affecting families in poverty.  Zachary Bessett, Chair, is enthusiastic about helping create endless possibilities for our community’s youth. Naomi Raven, who is a licensed teacher and is interested in providing meaningful hands-on learning experiences for students. Michelle Webber, Vice Chair, is interested in increasing student engagement and encouraging parents to work collaboratively with their students to ensure both student safety and success. Each member plays a vital role in our district. Thank you all so much!

Learn more about the school board or review meeting materials