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HUMANS OF SPS: Tammy Bocanegra

“I currently work in Transportation as a Bilingual Admin. Secretary. My job is like a piece to a puzzle, not only do I work with amazing colleagues, but I work with the Spanish-speaking students and parents in our community. I communicate what the bus routing needs are, safety concerns and how to understand the needs of all families in our district. I also work with the Special Programs side. Our Special Programs families and staff are making sure we can get every student to school safely and ready to learn.

The one thing I like about my job is that I’m a part of a fantastic group of people who all want the best for every student. We make sure our students have the support needed to excel not only in school but in our community. 

Do I find my job fulfilling? Absolutely! Knowing that I can help a student, parent, staff, or community member is a reward in itself. 

Challenges are something I  face daily. Transportation is a fast-paced work environment where I strive to make sure all students get to school safely. Communication sometimes is a challenge, because I have to make sure the parent, student, school, and driver are all on the same page. I’m multitasking in two languages so we are all on the same page.

One thing I feel that I helped accomplish is being present when needed. This last year and a half, our team has provided meals, WiFI buses, safe bus route.

Something positive that I have helped within transportation I feel is being a team player. Coming in to work with a smile. A simple hello can change a life of a student or colleague. Having a positive mental attitude in our workplace shows that small gestures of kindness do go a long way.

I would like to add that I’m not only a school district employee, I’m part of a family that comes together. We are a stepping stone to the start and end of their day. We all strive to make sure the success of our students is a priority. Transportation is, for me, a huge piece of the puzzle for our kids, and I’m honored to be a part of a fantastic team.”

–-Tammy Bocanegra, Bilingual Admin. Secretary, Transportation Department, 12 years

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