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Inclement weather reminders + where to get information

Where to find information about school delays and closures due to inclement weather

With the official start of winter on the horizon (and potential snow in the forecast) SPS wanted to share a few helpful tips about how and where parents, staff and community members can access information about school closures, delays or other changes that take place due to inclement weather.

FlashAlert email notifications

Parents, staff and anyone else who would like to receive updates via email can sign up for FlashAlert – a service that districts throughout the area use to notify the media of any school delays, closures or other emergency notifications. Sign up here:

To view a list of Lane County-area closures, emergency updates and other information, also provided by FlashAlert, click here.

Communication + information during inclement weather

Changes that affect the school day will be also posted to the district's social media accounts, website and, if necessary, messages will be delivered via the auto-dialer system. Follow these links to find the Springfield School District on social media!

SPS Facebook

SPS Twitter

SPS Instagram

More info

No news = no change

If you don't hear any information about Springfield Public Schools, you can assume that schools and buses are operating on their normal schedules. However, the decision of whether to send your child to school is always left to each parent. If you do not feel that it is safe to transport your child to school, contact the school to let them know.

Looking for your student’s snow route?

School bus snow routes are sometimes used during the school year when conditions are iffy but not bad enough to cancel school. When some routes may not be safe to navigate a school bus, families who live at certain higher elevations may need to bring their child(ren) to a lower elevation to catch the bus at an alternative location. The district has developed snow routes that may be used if hazardous road conditions exist. These snow routes may change from year to year and can be accessed online here:

For more information about when school closures or delays will be announced, visit the district’s inclement weather page located here:

*Note: be sure to update contact information with your school

Once in a while, the district will utilize the autodialer system to call parents to alert them of change. The best way for parents to stay up-to-date about those potential changes to the school day due to weather is to make sure that their contact information is current at their student’s school to ensure that they receive pertinent and timely updates.