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Page students celebrate new "HOUSE" assignments


It was a celebration at Page Elementary School Friday as students participated in the HOUSE induction ceremony.  

Much like the sorting hat ceremony in the Harry Potter books and movies, students gathered together in the gym of the school with kindergarten and new students seated in the very middle.

Older students who have already been inducted into their house join their group – red, blue, green or black – in each corner of the gym and wait to find out who else will be joining them.

Each kindergartener and new student are then given an envelope with confetti and a bracelet inside – both of which are colored to match the “house” they’ll be joining for the duration of their time at the school. Once they’re given the OK, students rip open their envelopes and the squealing begins.

On Friday, several young students were so elated to be joining their house that they immediately jumped up from the gym floor and ran to their group. Some students embraced with their fellow peers and teachers – and most everyone screamed with glee. Students then learned their house chant and play a couple of games before heading back to class.

All students were randomly put into one of four houses last year and returning students remain in the same house each year. The houses are mixed kinder through fifth grade to help build community at the school.

Staff members are assigned a small group of students within each house and students meet regularly with that staff member to discuss any issues that may arise. The houses also meet about once a month to do some character-building education.

The HOUSE program was established Elizabeth Page Elementary in January 2018 and is designed to help maintain a positive and safe environment for students, which is accomplished through character-building education. 

The induction is one of many district Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support (PBIS) programs that help students get the support they need to learn positive behaviors, social skills, and academic tools. Students are encouraged to be polite, respectful and supportive of one another.