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Springfield High School community celebrates Miller Mart grand re-opening

[June 6, 2019]

The new and improved Miller Mart is now open!

The Springfield High School student store, which has been under construction for renovations officially reopened Thursday to students and staff at the school.

Students, SPS staff, community members, business owners and education advocates gathered to celebrate the project which has been underway for more than 18 weeks. Students from several different career technical education courses such as woodworking, metals, graphic arts, drafting, marketing and DECA, the schools business club, worked to design, plan, and manage the project.

Improvements included new ceiling tiles, new cabinets and countertops, lighting, wall art, wood paneling and a brand-new metal sign that reads “Miller Mart,” among other additions.


Much of the materials used and time spent working to update the space were donated by local businesses such as Pivot Architecture, Chambers Construction, Century Lighting, Haas Construction, Cascade Carbide McKenzie Glass, 9Woods, Advance Cabinet Designs and others.

In all, about $40,000 worth of donations were provided by local businesses, according to Kim Thompson, the DECA teacher and former businessperson in Lane County.  

A group of students who either work at the Miller Mart or who played a role in completing the renovation project gathered for the celebration, too, which took place in one of the foyers of the school.

Corbin Riggs, a 17-year-old senior at the school said it was a “huge relief” to finally be reopening the store.

“To see that it’s done now and ready for students to use and enjoy is really cool,” he said.

Riggs is enrolled in the school’s store management program, also taught by Thompson. He’s in charge of managing about 20 Miller Mart employees and said the project will be a great thing to put on his resume.

“This project has taught me a lot of skills that I think will be really useful in the real world,” Riggs said.

And that’s the entire point, according to Thompson, who said the renovation idea was born out of an idea to include students from several different interdisciplinary trades and skills to help them gain experience on a large planning project. It also allows students to explore various careers while still in high school while gaining class credits.

The store, which offers snacks and meals from other local restaurants, will now be a much more inviting space for students, Thompson said.

“It’s safer, lighter and more up-to-date with other storefronts,” Thompson said. “This was truly a private-public partnership and I couldn’t be more proud of everyone involved.”


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