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Students WOW crowd at Transition's Got Talent Show

The sixth annual Transition’s Got Talent show took place at the Wildish Theater Friday morning, drawing a crowd of about 300 people.

The show, which is put on by students in the Springfield, Bethel and Westmoreland community transition programs, features about 25 different acts in two hours.

This year, acts include dancing, singing, poetry reading, comedy routines, karate and juggling, among others.

Solo Singer

“I’ve been told before that it’s the highlight of some people’s year,” said Sally Mann, a CTP teacher who also coordinates the talent show.

Springfield’s Community Transition Program helps to teach students with a disability, ages 18-21, transition into adulthood by providing special education services after high school to those who are eligible. Those enrolled in the program take part in several hands-on, community-based activities that include work experience, shopping, cooking, city bus access, recreation and more. Leaders of the program also work to connect students to various adult service agencies to aid them in the smooth transition out of CTP.

Mask Dancers

“We’re teaching them the skills they need to be young, adult citizens and live empowered lives as independently as possible,” Mann said.

The history of the show originates in 2013 when Casey, a CTP student at the time, asked if he could bring a microphone into the program building and sing a song.

Queen Tight












He did, and then suggested that the Springfield Community Transition Program put on a talent show – and it did. The same year, that student passed away, and the show was put on in his memory.

Mann said the show has evolved into a professional production that Casey would be proud of.

Girl Dancing