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Think ahead for summer

Families, did you know that elementary schools are completely closed for most of the summer, middle schools may be open during activities but with very limited staffing, and high schools will also have very limited staffing and variable hours?

We encourage families to try to think ahead. If you have business to conduct with the schools regarding your student, please contact your school before staff leave for the summer. Also, keep in mind that some summer activity providers require report cards (Pop Warner is a notable example), so be sure to keep a copy handy when you receive it.

Also, transcripts for recent grads need to come from the schools directly - NOT the district office - so if you anticipate needing them during the summer, please contact your school ASAP.
School Supplies 
Need help with supplies? Mark your calendar for the Project Hope event on August 26, 2018, from 4 to 5:30 at Maple Elementary School. Tickets will be available beginning August 8 at the Brattain House, 1030 G Street.
SPS Online registration is open for summer school classes, July 9-27. Deadline is June 22. Click here to register.
Fall Sports
Fall sports registration begins on July 1 for THS. Register online at or
Fall sports registration for SHS will be held in person on August 2, 11am – 3pm. Practice begins August 13.
Thank you, and have a great summer!