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Summer opportunities around SPS

Summer Opps graphic #SPSdidyouknow that research has shown that the learning progress that students make during the school year can often slip during the summer months? The phenomenon is often referred to as the summer slide, and thankfully, our area offers tons of great free or low-cost activities for students of all ages to engage in to help minimize learning loss over the summer.

Families should keep in mind that many, if not most, summer camp programs offer scholarships, so if you see a great summer camp opportunity, be sure to ask about options to reduce the cost.

In the school district itself, we often think of schools being shuttered during the summer months. In fact, most schools offer extended school year (ESY) programs for students who are on Individual Education Plans (IEPs) who are in danger of losing significant educational progress over the summer months. High schools offer credit recovery programs so students can stay on track to graduate. Also, several schools offer grant-funded STEAM-based summer camps, including Two Rivers-Dos Ríos and Guy Lee Elementary, and Hamlin Middle School. Springfield High is also offering a new AMP summer camp this year. Some schools also open up to house external programs (for example, Kiwanis's fantastic Safety Town at Mt. Vernon Elementary), and many schools partner with FOOD for Lane County's Summer Food Program.

This, plus the great programs put on by TEAM Springfield partners at Willamalane (Summer Playground Program and fantastic camps) and City of Springfield (see, for example, the library's Summer Reading Program), as well as art camps through Emerald Art Center and free on-campus classes through the UO's SAIL program.

Details are on our Summer Opportunities page, which is updated frequently as information comes in. Feel free to email us to let us know of an opportunity you'd like to share.