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New entry system coming to schools

Welcome back Springfield Families!

As you return you are likely to see a change at your child’s school. We want to share that we are now moving towards a buzz-in entry system for all visitors during the school day. After positive feedback at the new Hamlin Middle School around increased feeling of safety for the school community, the Springfield School District elected to utilize the remaining bond funds designated for safety and security to replicate this system across our district.

Here's how it works: Visitors who need to enter the building during school hours will stand in front of the camera near the front entrance at each school and push the "call" button. There will be signs to show where the call buttons and cameras are. The staff inside the building can then see who is requesting entry to the building. They can answer the "call" and talk to the visitor via the speaker near the call button and unlock the doors for entrance. Upon entering the building, all visitors are required to check in at the main office.

All the back and side entrances to schools will remain locked during the school day according to our usual practice.

Putting this system in place will bring added security to our buildings. However, we will also continue to use the following safety procedures: routine safety drills; the Safe Oregon tip line; connecting students with mental health services; staff and student trainings on intruder response strategies; and partnership with our School Resource Officers.

While bringing this system online is a process we anticipate that all buildings will have the system in place by mid-September. Please be on the lookout for specific communication from your school as each building comes online.

We really appreciate your patience as we work to create comfortable and safe learning environments for our students. It’s going to be a great year!