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SPS Employees of the Year

Congratulations to the 2020-2021 SPS Employees of the Year!

Congratulations to the SPS Employees of Year who were recognized this week for their incredible efforts in Springfield Public Schools. SPS is proud of the work that each of these educators do to support every student, every day. The following list includes Educator of the Year winners for the 2020-2021 school year and a snippet of kind words pulled from each of their nomination submissions. A complete list of nominees is included below!

Kyle Minney - Two Rivers-Dos Ríos Elementary - Elementary Educator of the Year

"Kyle is fun and engaging to say the least! His students love learning from and alongside him,

and staff love working with him. He recognized all students as capable of learning, and is always looking for ways to reach his students' diverse learning needs. From collecting resources for his learners working well below grade level, to connecting parents to transportation to make it to school, he is always doing what is best for kids."

Ricci Huling - Agnes Stewart Middle School - Secondary Educator of the Year

"Since Ricci is such a trusted individual in our building, she is often found being the listening ear for both students and staff. She then advocates for them, problem solves with them, and takes time with them. Ricci knows what is going on in the lives of students and staff. She makes you feel seen, heard, and valued. She attends games, learns about your interests, incorporates them in her teaching, and pushes you to get out of your comfort zone. She truly is exceptional."

Hope Zima - Douglas Gardens Elementary - Newer Educator of the Year

"Ms. Zima's love for learning is contagious! She has sparked a joy for growth in her students through songs, games, activities, read alouds, science projects, and nurturing caterpillars to butterflies as a class. High expectations, making thinking visible, nurturing the whole child, supporting each individual with PBIS supports, and partnering with parents are just a few of the exceptional practices that ultimately improve student achievement."

Teresa Blake - Centennial Elementary - Specialist Educator of the Year

"Teresa’s can-do attitude, humility, kindness, ever-present smile and willingness to help combine to make her highly respected and admired by all. In addition to being ready to sub for other teachers at the drop of a hat, she leads our attendance team, our PBIS team, participates in our Care & Connect team. She is an integral part of our school, and one of those unsung heroes who quietly and efficiently do their jobs and help keep things running without calling any attention to themselves."

Austin Jones - Thurston High School - Classified Educator of the Year

Austin Jones is an asset to the Thurston High community in countless ways. Austin works tirelessly at all assigned tasks, and volunteers to help students and peers too. Austin is a terrific role model for students; showing them that hard work does not always have to be serious. Austin is a Thurston High alum who is giving back 110% to the Thurston community. If there was a Most Valuable Employee, M.V.E., award at Thurston High School, Austin would get the most votes.

Ame Beard - Academy of Arts and Academics - Administrator of the Year

"Ame is an inspiration. She leads by example and always has students at the heart of every decision she makes. She is a caring and compassionate human being who sees the beauty in everyone. As a principal, she goes out of her way to be supportive in helping teachers and students succeed. Over the course of the past year she has called all the school's staff weekly to check-in and make sure everything was okay. She is all about beyond the call of duty."

Congratulations to everyone who was nominated for employee excellence awards this school year!

Ashley Cary

Scott Crowell

Sharon Orme

Leah Taylor

Edson De Oliveira

Laura Scruggs

Robin Erickson

Ame Beard

Tana Christie

Maci Mcdougall

Audrey Henthorne

Rachael Bailey

Diane Babbitt

Cindy Wilson

Betsy Hecker

Elizabeth Burnett

Estevan Torres

Trevor Pasley

Erin Callahan

Laura Beyerlin

Tara McNee

Wakerobin Gendel

Ben Muir

Mari Kay Miller

Dave Schull

Jonathan Heagy

Delrae Foss

Bryne Thorpe

Apryl Smith

Carol Molaski

Carrie Strauch

Lisa Dillon

Vicki Oswalt

Ariana Schwartz

Laura Beyerlin

Cathy Raleigh

Austin Jones

Kristyl Rogers

Cathy Raleigh

Teresa Blake

Jean Costin

Hope Zima

Kathy Schlaadt

Ricci Huling

Wendy Zacharias

Bryne Thorpe

Kyle Minney

Kyle Johnson