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July 22, 2020

Hello SPS families and community!

We hope this finds you healthy and well. As we inch toward August, we’d like to share some information regarding the upcoming 2020-21 school year. 

After reviewing the latest guidance from state agencies and gathering input from parent surveys, it’s clear that there is a desire to come together again, and also a desire for high-quality educational opportunities for all students. 

Teams across SPS have been working diligently to develop several learning options, as well as backup plans that could be implemented if state guidance shifts this summer or fall.

Although there is still a great deal of details still in process, we are presenting the current viable options that we believe will likely be in place in the fall for the 2020-21 school year. We share this information in an effort to provide time for families to make decisions and plans that best align with their family’s needs.

Learning options for the 2020-21 school year 


Option 1: 100 percent remote learning – Students can enroll in Springfield’s existing comprehensive K-12 online school – SPSOnline. Students in this program would have access to local Springfield teachers and follow an established online curriculum. Offered through the SPSOnline program. Students would have the option of transferring back to their neighborhood school or program’s blended option at key transition dates (trimester/semester).

Option 2: Students will participate in blended instruction (a combination of both on-campus/in-person and remote, at-home learning). This model would provide 2-4 days of in-person learning per week, depending on health and safety guidelines issued by the state of Oregon. Remote learning will occur on the days that students are not assigned to on-campus instruction. Many details associated with this model are still being finalized as SPS works with state education leaders to navigate an ever-shifting situation. There will likely be adjustments to transportation options, school start and end times and other aspects of in-person learning.

Regardless of which learning model is chosen, each student in the district will be provided with technology (a laptop or tablet) in an effort to provide equitable, consistent and high-quality education whether it’s in-person or online. 

Note: Any remote learning set to take place this fall will be more robust than the distance learning that took place last Spring. Attendance and participation will be required and depending upon state guidance students will likely earn letter grades.

What’s next:

In the coming days, families see an opportunity to help with our planning by making an initial selection on which learning option they would enroll their student in for the coming year.

We know there are many more questions and information is ever evolving. To support students, families and staff, we commit to the following things:  

  • Regular updates as information changes
  • A commitment to making decisions based on the following guiding principles:
    • Health & Wellness
    • Care & Connection
    • Equitable access
    • Quality Instruction

Thank you for your continued flexibility as we navigate ever-evolving circumstances. SPS staff are anxious to provide structure, stability and connection for our students and your support and partnership is critical to their success.

Springfield Public Schools