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Voices - Kristen Noor

Kristen Noor I wake up and realize I will not be taking my kids to daycare or school today and all I can do is take a deep breath and continue on. I realize that I will not see my coworkers in an hour and I take another deep breath. As I get ready it sinks in that I will not see any students or parents, and again I take a deep breath as I fight back tears. As my morning continues I stop and take many deep breaths as I get my thirteen-year-old ready for distance learning and my six-month-old ready to be our office assistant. This is my new morning routine. 

As my work day starts I set the baby on the floor and log in to check my email. The baby plays on the floor as I participate in my first two grade level team meetings. I feed the baby as I enter into my next meeting. My thirteen-year-old comes into the room to tell me about his morning meeting as I transition into my next meeting, and get the baby set up with a new batch of toys. As I begin my specialist team meeting the baby starts to cry and my thirteen-year-old comes to get him, taking a break from his school work. I attend my final meeting of the morning as my husband (who works swing shift) gets up and puts the baby down for a nap. This is my new school morning routine. 

Nothing about my new routines is familiar. I miss being called Mr. Noor, Mrs. Norris, Mr. Norris, teacher and hey you – my name is Mrs. Noor. I miss hugs from students and talking to parents. I miss walking through the halls and checking in with teachers in the morning. I miss planning PD and attending in person meetings each afternoon. I cannot wait to get back into the building, back to dropping my kids off and going to work, back to seeing students and families, back to sharing an office with an adult, and back to supporting teachers in person. 

I will continue to take a deep breath as I fight back tears and get through my new routine. 

- Kristen Noor