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Voices - Do your best - Bethany Boardrow

Do Your Best!

Bethany Boardrow I enjoyed school growing up and loved college. In college I got to choose what classes I took based on the subjects I wanted to explore. After college, I got to choose where to apply for a job. As a teacher, I get to choose how to manage my classroom. I get to choose my own teaching style daily. I’ve always liked the freedom to make my own choices. 

Unfortunately, I haven’t had that same freedom for the past six weeks. I didn’t choose to be a Distant Learning teacher. I didn’t choose to leave school on a Friday, not knowing I wouldn’t see my students again this year. I didn’t choose to set up an online platform to deliver instruction. I didn’t choose the style of learning grid I’m responsible for creating every week. I didn’t choose to turn my dining room into my virtual classroom. I didn’t choose to collaborate with my colleagues solely through technology.

I didn’t choose any of these things. But, I am choosing to do my best. In my first-grade classroom one of our rules is Do Your Best. I’ve done my best to reach out to all of my families to make sure their basic needs are being met and offer my support. I’ve done my best to learn how to use new applications like Seesaw, Google Meet, Zoom, Screencastify, and more. I’ve done my best to help my families solve technology problems. I’ve done my best learning how to share pdfs and live links. I’ve done my best to adapt to this “new normal.”

While doing my best, I’ve learned many things. One thing I’ve learned is that I truly appreciate the help and support of my colleagues. The biggest thing I’ve learned is that the 15 minutes I get to see my students daily brings me joy! I will continue to Do My Best during this difficult time. I miss my students and colleagues so much! Thank you for doing Your Best!

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