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Visitor management system to be installed in all SPS schools

The Springfield School District is in the process of adopting a new visitor management system at all schools.

The system, which is being piloted at Thurston Elementary, will allow for better tracking of people who come in and out of Springfield schools. Currently, most schools have parents and other visitors sign in on a piece of paper, which is unreliable, or occasionally unreadable.

District officials expect the system will be installed across the district by the end of the school year, if not sooner.

In addition to better tracking of who is spending time in school buildings, the visitor management system can be customized to alert the school, district or emergency responders of a number of issues, whether to remind families of overdue library books or alert office staff to possible custody issues. 

The computerized system uses driver licenses and other personal identification information to screen visitors including a screening against the sex offender database in all 50 states, as an added layer of security for those in with potential contact with students.

For more information about how the system works, check out our video!

Visitor Management Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Visitor Management System? A volunteer and visitor management system that requires government issued ID to be shown and scanned by a school employee whenever a non-student or non-staff member visits a school or district building. Springfield Public Schools is currently utilizing a program called Raptor.

How does the Visitor Management System work?
Visitors and volunteers provide their driver license or other government-issued identification such as a passport to an employee working in the front office of a Springfield school or district building. The identification is then scanned into a computerized system, which screens the information against the sex offender database in all 50 states and alerts the person who scanned the card of any potentially threatening individuals. The system can also instantly alert school officials to a threatening presence or person who may have been previously banned from the school, as well as alert office staff of possible custodial issues, or simply important messages to share with families. Additionally, it maintains a searchable log of all visitors.


What sort of information does it track?
Information collected when identification is scanned just includes the information provided on your ID, such as your full name, photo, address and driver license ID number.


Where is information being stored and who is it being shared with?
Information gathered through the visitor and volunteer management system is for district use only. The district does not share information with local, state or federal police agencies or any other entity, unless provided with a valid court order, or in the case of a safety emergency. 


What if you don’t have a government-issued ID?
Personal information of visitors and volunteers can be manually inputted into the system by the employee at the front desk.


Why is it being implemented in schools?
The visitor and volunteer management system will allow for the district to consistently and accurately track all visitor and volunteers at all schools. Currently, several schools in the district rely on either paper sign-in sheets, or a computerized version of them. Tracking of visitors is not consistent across all schools. Additionally, knowing who is in our buildings at any given time will help us to quickly ensure all individuals are accounted for in the event of an emergency such as an earthquake.