• Hamlin Replacement

    Set to open its doors to students in January of 2018, the new Hamlin Middle School has a long design and construction process ahead.
    Educational Specifications  
    Educational specifications – or "ed specs" – are the foundation for a school design process. They outline the components a school needs to support a high-quality educational program. It has been 20 years since Springfield built a middle school; before it could begin designing the new Hamlin, we had to update our middle school ed specs.
    The ed specs team included educators and parents; community input was also sought during the process.
    Architect Selection 

    The School Board, assisted by a group of staff and community members, chose BBT Architects to design the new Hamlin Middle School on April 13, 2015.

    Before selecting BBT, Board members remarked on their desire to hire an Oregon firm, how impressed they were by quality construction when visiting other schools designed by BBT and their certainty that the design would reflect the Springfield community.

    The District is currently in negotiations with BBT regarding its contract amount and working to develop a timeline for the design of the new Hamlin that includes opportunities for staff, parent and community member involvement.