Technology Upgrades 

    We are moving right along with our technology projects, both with “behind-the-scenes” equipment and classroom equipment. gear
    Update from July 21, 2015:
    SPS, meet the 21st century! All schools will be receiving some kind of tech upgrades this summer.
    Page and Guy Lee elementary schools, which previously had very limited wireless access, now both have all-school wireless access, with upgraded equipment that will allow for future expansion of capacity! Gateways is next on the list.

    Thurston High, which had limited wireless access before the bond measure, is also on tap for its upgrade, which will be a huge project. This summer, crews are tackling the MDF (that's the main distribution frame, otherwise known as "the heart" of the network), IDFs (intermediate distribution frames, or the 7 satellite equipment rooms), fiber upgrade and power panel. The District is hoping for $100,000 E-Rate reimbursement from the federal government to offset some of the cost. If all goes well, by early next year, THS students and staff will get to experience the joy of wireless access across the campus!

    Ceiling-mounted projectors are in the process of being installed in classrooms across the district. Ridgeview and Riverbend are done; Briggs is in progress. We will be continuing on with the other Phase I schools (see below), with a total of 179 projectors going in this summer.

    Six computers have been added to each of the following libraries: Thurston Middle, Guy Lee Elementary, Yolanda Elementary and Agnes Stewart. 20 Chromebases were added to Two Rivers–Dos Ríos, and 20 Chromepads were added to the Yolanda Elementary library this summer. More library computers will be added to other schools in the next round of upgrades.

    The Springfield High drafting computer lab is being replaced this summer. The existing computers were starting to fail due to logic board issues.

    And Tech is also getting ready for deployment this summer of more than 100 staff computers, including many of the district's oldest, plus new hires.
    Update from May 8, 2015:
    Core network equipment for Page Elementary and Guy Lee Elementary is being readied for installation this spring and the installation of wireless access points at Page will begin in May. Core network equipment for Gateways High School and Douglas Gardens Elementary will be ordered next. 

    Classroom projectors will be installed in phases. Phase I will include installation at Mt. Vernon Elementary, Riverbend Elementary, Ridgeview Elementary, Two Rivers–Dos Ríos Elementary, Walterville Elementary, Agnes Stewart Middle, Briggs Middle, Thurston Middle and Springfield and Gateways high schools. Phase I will take place this summer and early fall.

    Upgrading library equipment at Guy Lee Elementary, Two Rivers–Dos Ríos Elementary, Yolanda Elementary and Agnes Stewart Middle is underway with orders placed and installation occurring this spring.

    In order to upgrade staff and student computer devices in the most efficient and prudent way possible, we are developing guidelines that will be used to determine the priority order and parameters for replacement.

    At Thurston High School, the career-technical education (CTE) program will receive several pieces of new equipment shortly: 3 CNC ShotBot digital fabrication tools, 1 laser system and 1 wide-belt sander for the wood shop. Springfield High School is still working to determine the equipment it needs.           

    Update from March 12, 2015: 
    We are moving right along with our technology projects, both with “behind-the-scenes” equipment and classroom equipment.

    The computer lab equipment at Agnes Stewart Middle School has been installed and is now available for school and student use. At Thurston High School, forty computers were installed in the school’s testing lab. Four other carts of forty computers each will be available for schools to reserve in order to complete testing with a minimum impact on school libraries and other computer equipment.

    Ceiling-mounted projectors are important upgrades for nearly all of our schools. We are currently working to create “Requests for Proposals” for installation of the ceiling-mounted projectors. We originally thought we would need to space this project over the course of six years, but believe that we may be able to accomplish it in less than two years. 

    Technology staff have tested and identified a new firewall for the district. The firewall is what keeps inappropriate and adult content from being accessible from devices on the district’s network. This upgrade allows us to continue filtering content and will support the other upgrades we’ll be making to bandwidth and wireless access. The new firewall is currently being installed.

    We are also being mindful of applying for other funding that can supplement our bond funds when it comes to technology, including E-Rate funding which is a federal program that provides reimbursements for equipment installed in low-income schools.