Work Toward a Growth Mindset

  • Families, all of us – teachers, families, students – are facing new challenges every day. Training your kids to have a growth mindset can make all the difference between frustration and perseverance. You can help model a growth mindset by “minding” the words you choose. For example, instead of “I’m not good at this,” you can say, “I can’t do this – yet.” Give it a try! 

    View a flyer about growth mindset.

    More Resources:

    • Here’s a great video that you can share with your kiddos that explains how the brain works, and how we can train it to be more resilient.
    • This video uses the example of Apple founder Stephen Jobs as an example of how having a growth mindset can help students overcome a variety of obstacles.
    • This article has some tips for families to help their children develop a growth mindset.
    • Click here for some books you can read with your students.