Guidelines for Healthy Classroom Snacks

Classroom Snacks
  • The district's Wellness Committee has created some tips and guidelines for parents to use when determining what to contribute for classroom snacks. The idea is to seek out prepackaged (sorry, nothing homemade!) nutritious foods that avoid common allergens such as nuts.

    General Guidelines English & español: We suggest you keep an eye on fat and sodium content and limit artificial colors or sweeteners. Good examples are fresh or dried fruits, raw veggies; wholegrain items like crackers or cereal; or proteins like string cheese or yogurt.

    For drinks, water is the preferred choice, but other uncaffeinated, relatively low sugar drinks such as juices (that actually have juice in them) or low-fat milks are acceptable.

    Parties and Celebrations: Here are some ways to change the focus of classroom parties to fun activities rather than just high-calorie food.