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Instruction Department Contacts
Administrative Staff
David Collins
Assistant Superintendent
(541) 726-3262
Kevin Ricker
Director of Secondary Education (541) 726-3224
Suzanne Price Director of Elementary Education
(541) 726-3227
Brian Megert Special Programs Director, Title I, Assessment Support (EasyCBM), Health Services (541) 726-3250
Whitney McKinley K-12 Teaching & Learning Coordinator
(541) 726-3455
Dennis Gray SPS Online, After-School Programs, Middle College
(541) 726-3298

Facilitators and Specialist Staff
Dara Brennan Science/STEAM Specialist (541) 726-3225
Sheri Childers Special Education Facilitator (541) 726-3266
Susan Coleman Literacy Specialist (Middle) (541) 726-3384
Teresa Collins
Special Education Facilitator
(541) 726-3385
Mary Harwood Literacy Specialist (Elementary) (541) 726-3249
Kimberly Ingram-West
Special Education Facilitator
(541) 726-3304
Kari Isham Instructional Coach
(541) 726-3440
Shannon Kelly Special Education Facilitator (541) 726-3375
Lynn Lary
Library Media / Instructional Technology
(541) 726-3430
Kate Lode
Literary Specialist (Elementary) / Instructional Coach
(541) 726-3336
Rebecca Morgan Special Programs Coordinator
(541) 726-3251
Nicole Nakayama Special Education / PBIS Facilitator (541) 726-3266

Support Staff
Christy Powell
Support to Special Programs Coordinator; Special Education Student Records
Nicole Reyes
Assessment (Smarter Balanced, OAKS, Kindergarten Assessment, easyCBM, Essential Skills), teachOREGON, Pathways in Education, Expanded Options (SB300), Data Analysis, State Reporting; Grants (Procurement and Oversight)
Donna Roper
Support to Director of Elementary Education, Elementary Community Interface, School Principal Support, Student Records, TAG, Indian Ed, OBOB
(541) 726-3227
Pam Skinner
Support to Assistant Superintendent, Support to Curriculum Coordinator, Title Program Support, Instructional Support
Special Education Child Count, Case Management Support, Extended School Year, Special Education Synergy
(541) 726-3345
Amy Stephens
Instruction Budget, Parent Complaints/Issues, Transfer Processing, Staffing Process, Board Policy/Administrative Regulations
Andrea Wallace
Support to Director of Secondary Education, Middle/High School Principal Contact
(541) 726-3224
Stephanie Webster
Special Education Community Interface, Early Entry Testing, Special Education Student Records, Homebound Instruction
(541) 726-3250
Indian Education Program
Dawn Malliett
Chifin Native Youth Center
(541) 726-4301

Attendance Officers
Collin Turner
(541) 228-6964
Steve Walker

(541) 246-4148