• Kids in Transition to School (KITS)

    KITS KITS is an early childhood program available in Springfield to families in the Guy Lee, Mt. Vernon, Riverbend, Maple and Two RiversDos Ríos elementary school communities. (The Two Rivers-Dos Ríos program is currently housed at Maple.)

    The program is designed to get kids the skills they need to begin school. Each summer, children who are scheduled to enter kindergarten that fall are invited to a playgroup that meets three times a week for 8 weeks in July and August. Students are taught pre-reading skills, such as letter names and sounds, pre-writing skills, such as how to write their names, and social skills, such as taking turns, raising their hand, how not to talk out of turn.

    After school begins, the groups continue to meet for four more Saturdays
    in September. KITS teacher

    The program has been very successful in helping kids learn the skills they need
     to be successful in the classroom.

    As part of the program, parents are also invited to participate in workshops every other week covering topics like how to prepa
    re their kids for a strong start in school, establishing routines for getting to school and doing homework, and getting involved at the school.

    Initially piloted in the Springfield and Bethel school districts, KITS has now expanded to a number of area districts. Funding for this growing program has been provided through a collaboration between United Way of Lane County, the Springfield and Bethel School Districts, the Oregon Social Learning Center and a number of community partners, including the Springfield Education Foundation.
    Sign-ups for this free program are available at the schools' spring open house events.
    For more information, contact KITS at 541-485-2711 x1321 or email kits@oslc.org.
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