Superintendent Profile

  • The Springfield School Board is seeking a highly qualified and fully certified Superintendent. 

    A successful candidate will have the background, skills, and abilities essential for excellence in educational leadership. The board recognizes that selecting a superintendent is the most important decision it will make. To clarify what success would look like in SPS, the board has developed the following desired characteristics:

    • A visionary, ethical and inspirational leader who demonstrates honesty, empathy, trust, humor, and hard work.
    • A dedicated leader of equity with a successful track record for improving social and acadmic success for every student.
    • A mission-driven leader who will embrace and promote the current strategic plan and will employ courageous conversations to improve and achieve its objectives.
    • A community leader who is dedicated to making a long-term commitment to the district, students and our community.
    • A collaborative leader who demonstrates superior communication skills.
    • A decisive decision maker who holds themselves and others to the same high expectations and accountability.