Academy of Arts and Academics


    • An arts-focused learning community. Students integrate their skills and talent in visual, video & theater arts into all curriculum areas. A3 concentrates on individual and small ensemble work. 

    • High expectations of its students. These expectations are fostered through engaging course work, and collaborative commitments. Students commit to four years at A3 and in return, the staff commits to preparing students for college entrance by focusing equally on academics and the arts.

    • Flexible schedule. A student's day includes more personalized interaction with faculty. Builds community among its members. Students faculty, parents and community partners share responsibility to create and sustain a safe, ethical, and focused place to learn. Encourages faculty collaboration to develop courses that combine the arts with other disciplines. A3 will employ affiliate professional artists to complement core faculty.

    • Student progress is evaluated using the student's cumulative portfolio. Progress and student promotion are performance based.

    • Current technology is integrated into the learning environment and provides important educational tools.

    • A3’s Health and Science campus, which opened in fall 2012, is partnering with area hospitals, health providers and colleges to jump-start students’ careers.


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