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Snow Routes

Each year the Transportation Department at Springfield Public Schools reviews all district bus routes and creates snow routes. Snow routes generally avoid the higher elevations and roads that are traditionally unsafe to travel during snow or freezing weather events.

The design for snow routes also takes into account the Priority Sanding/De-icing map from the City of Springfield, Lane County Public Works and the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT).

For students traveling on special needs buses, the driver will work directly with the parents to establish a safe location for the student pick-up and drop-off site as close as possible to the parents' home.

snow routes list

Snow Route Details by School/Route

If your school or route is not listed, your bus will follow its normal route on snow days

Inclement Weather Notifications

How will I know if schools will be open or buses will be running on time?

The district informs families of school delays or closures in several ways: