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District Transportation

SPS Bus for Mt. Vernon picking-up children

Bus drivers are the first contact many students have with school each morning and the last contact they have each afternoon. Our goal is to make that experience a safe, positive and caring one for all students.

Every day, our skilled drivers welcome hundreds of students, providing safe and economical transportation to and from school, co-curricular and extra-curricular events.

Transportation Basics

Springfield Public Schools operates transportation services for elementary students who live more than 1 mile from their schools and for secondary students who live more than 1.5 miles from their schools, as required by state law.

Many students with special needs qualify for special transportation if they cannot access school without it. Special transportation must be included in the child’s individualized education plan (IEP).

Only children eligible for transportation services will be transported. Parents may not ride buses with their students. Children who are not in school are not allowed to ride the bus. It is Springfield Public Schools' goal to provide safe and economical student transportation.

There are responsibilities and rules for each member involved in the transportation system: staff, students and parents. We ask parents to become familiar with the rules and procedures and discuss them with their child.

Students and Parents

Springfield Public Schools has established a code of conduct and disciplinary procedure to ensure that students comply with safety rules while using the transportation system. The code of conduct includes a list of rules adopted by the Oregon Department of Education, as well as a list of additional rules adopted by the District. The code of conduct and procedures can be found in Board Policy EEACC.  Students and their parents should familiarize themselves with the Board Policy.

The following items are not allowed on the bus: animals, glass containers, aerosol cans, skateboards, fishing poles, snowboards, large musical instruments, hockey or lacrosse sticks, weapons or look-alike weapons, golf clubs, helium balloons, skis, shovels or laser pens.

Roller blades and shoes with wheels must be transported in a duffel bag or backpack. Craft projects must be in a bag or box. Any item used in an unsafe manner may be confiscated and the student must bring a parent to the Transportation Department office to retrieve it.

Register for Transportation

Eligible students must be registered for transportation services each year.  

Temporary Rider Permits


If the student is not an eligible bus rider and the parent wishes to have the student ride the bus for other reasons, such as day care, or transfer, the parent may request a Temporary Rider Permit.


Temporary Rider Permit Request

Finding My Route

Bus route information is available at each school, the transportation office and online. Bus routes and stop times may be adjusted at any time. Be advised that the PM bus stop times listed are approximate due to unforeseen traffic, weather, etc. If your child fails to return home at his/her expected time, please contact the school first. 

Early release drop times will be two hour and 20 minutes earlier than the regular drop time.

Bus route information is available online through Infofinder. This web-based service enables you to find school and bus route information by typing in your street address. You can also register to receive notifications sent out by the Transportation Department. Be sure to include Dr, St, Ave, etc.  It is not necessary to select a school or grade.

infofinder bus route finder