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Safety Concern

Important Note

Remember, you should always call 911 if you have knowledge that a crime was committed or you know that suspicious activity has been present in the community.

If you believe someone is unsafe at school or is creating an unsafe environment for others the best way to report it is at your school, with your principal.


  1. Share the details. It is okay if you do not feel that you have all the information, but share as much detail as you know:
  • Who was involved,
  • What occurred,
  • Where it happened,
  • When it happened (day of the week, date, morning or afternoon or clock time),
  • How often it happened.

2. Direct us to the people you believe to have first-hand knowledge of the situation, activity or behavior that is concerning to you:
use first and last names of witnesses or students involved if you know them if you do not know names give us an age, a grade or any physical descriptors that might lead us to the right people.

Safety Concern Tip

Safety is the number one priority in all Springfield Public Schools. Each reported safety tip will be sent to the appropriate district personnel and building principal.

If you or someone you know is in immediate danger please contact 911.

Our SafeSchools safety alert system allows users to easily report tips on items such as:

  • Drugs
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Weapon on campus
  • Threat to campus and/or person
  • Vandalism
  • Fighting
  • Crime
  • or any other safety issue*

Tips can be submitted via the button below by website submission form, email or text message. Every tip submitted to SafeSchools Alert is logged and sent to district administrators. 

*Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of safety issues. If you feel your or someone's safety is in danger, even if the reason is not listed above, please report the issue using the button below or call 911.


Submit a safety concern

Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying, Cyberbullying, and Teen Dating Violence 

Harassment, intimidation, or bullying and acts of cyberbullying by students, staff, or third parties toward students is strictly prohibited.

Any reports or information on acts of harassment, intimidation or bullying, acts of cyberbullying, or incidents of teen dating violence (e.g., complaints, rumors) shall be presented to the principal.

Reports against the principal shall be filed with the superintendent. Reports against the superintendent shall be filed with the Board chair. All such information will be reduced to writing and will include the specific nature of the offense and corresponding dates.

There are three key indicators that help school administrators determine if an incident violates District policies.

Repeated - Is the behavior ongoing or taking place over a period of time? 

Intentional -  Is the behavior targeted at an individual or group of students?

Power Imbalance - Does the individual have influence over other students? Are they in a position of influence or leadership?

It is important to note, that an incident is not required to have all of these characteristics in order to constitute a safety violation, if you are unsure you should always report anyway and let your school administrator decide.

The following are scenarios that would violate SPS policies.

Harassment - A student is making racist comments to me in math class, and won’t stop even though I have asked them to. This has been going on for three weeks.

Bullying - Someone told all of my friends to stop talking to me and keeps spreading rumors about me. They said that the only way they will stop the rumors is if I send inappropriate pictures of myself to them.

Intimidation - Every day at lunch someone steals something from my lunch and says if I tell anyone they are going to beat me up. You are now afraid to attend school.


report harassment, intimidation or bullying behavior