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  • Hi there Ridgeview families, As of now, we are still looking forward to starting school on Monday, September 21st! Mr. Hugo has posted a video on Youtube with a virtual orientation that includes a lot of helpful information.

    video click here

    Here is the link to the slideshow presentation that includes links to all of our teachers presentations: 

    click here

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Ridgeview Principal Corner

  • Welcome to Ridgeview Elementary

    Posted by Jeremy Hugo on 8/25/2020

    Dear Ridgeview Family,

    Like much of this year, this is not your typical ‘Welcome Back’ message. This year is going to be unlike any other that we’ve navigated together, and all I’d like to just start out with THANK YOU. Thank you, to those who have reached out with questions and concerns, thank you to those who have reached out with excitement as we step into this new educational model.

    There has been a great deal of information from our district, and now it is time to share a little more about what that means for our school.


    In an attempt to navigate this new online world, the district unsuccessfully blended the old and the new in our registration process. Learning from that we have streamlined the process to support you, our families.


    You’re receiving this information because, at this time, we are happily expecting to connect with your student(s) in September.

    If you haven’t yet connected with our office staff, please reach out and give us a call to let us know your plans for this coming school year,541-744-6308.



    Last week the district shared an overview of our proposed schedule:

    Elementary Schedule details

    For now, grades K - 3 will begin the year in blended learning (in-person and remote). Grades 4 - 5 will begin the year remotely.


    Elementary students will participate in structured learning (in-person or remotely) four days a week: Monday/Tuesday & Thursday/Friday. Wednesdays will be at-home learning days, with applied activities provided for independent learning. 


    Students in K-5 will generally start each day with a morning meeting. They will receive direct instruction from their classroom teachers for at least 50 percent of the day, focusing on core subjects such as math, reading, writing and science. The remainder of the day will be spent in other activities, such as music, library, individualized learning or movement activities.


    Sample K-5 schedule:





    Cohort 1

    AM: Classroom Teacher-led instruction

    PM: Learning opportunities, music, library, movement sessions, individual applied learning

    Remote Independent Learning

    AM: Learning opportunities, music, library, movement sessions, individual applied learning

    PM: Classroom Teacher-led instruction

    Cohort 2

    AM: Learning opportunities, music, library, movement sessions, individual applied learning

    PM: Classroom Teacher-led instruction

    Remote Independent Learning

    AM: Classroom Teacher-led instruction

    PM: Learning opportunities, music, library, movement sessions, individual applied learning


    This schedule format is the same for all students enrolled with an elementary school, whether participating in-person or remote, to ensure consistency in the event health conditions require a shift to short-term remote learning. 


    To support families who wish to enroll their students in the SPSOnline program (100 percent virtual learning), the district will align SPSOnline with the in-person curriculum. This will allow the greatest flexibility for students who wish to move between models this year at key transition points, such as trimester breaks.



    Building upon lessons from last Spring, Springfield Public Schools has leveraged federal funds to ensure every student has access to their own technology device. Once we have your confirmation of registration with our building we will be sharing out the details of when and where to pick-up your technology.


    Additionally, to support students and families the district will be providing a supply starter kit for each of our students to begin the year. Your student will receive this at the same time as their device.



    Please make sure that our office staff has all of your current information, email, phone numbers, address, etc…in case of an emergency and so that you can stay up to date as we share information. Another great way to get quick up to date information is to go to our Facebook page and our school webpage: https://www.springfield.k12.or.us/ridgeview



    This year SPS will be participating in the Community Eligibility Program (CEP) program which means that all of our students will be eligible to eat breakfast and lunch at no cost to the family.

    GETTING TO AND FROM SCHOOL: Please visit the district website or call our transportation department at 744-6373 regarding specific bus transportation and route questions.  Children riding bikes, skateboards, scooters or rollerblades need to wear helmets. Children are to walk their wheels once they arrive on campus.


    SCHOOL DRIVEWAY:  The school’s driveway is available for drop off and pick up following our PAUSE PARKING guidelines.  During the times marked on the driveway signs vehicles may PAUSE (the driver must remain in the vehicle) in order to drop off or pick up a child.  When PAUSED and space opens up in front of your vehicle please pull as far forward as possible to allow vehicles to move off of the street and into our driveway.  Vehicles should only PAUSE on the right-hand curb with children entering or exiting the vehicle on the curbside.  Under NO circumstances should vehicles STOP or PAUSE to allow a child to enter or exit a vehicle in the pull through lane. You can also feel free to park in the church parking lot across the street.


    Finally, teaching and learning in a pandemic is unprecedented for all of us. This year is going to require us to come together more than ever to support our students. I encourage you to never hesitate to reach out to me with any questions. There is a great deal of information, and moving parts, and we would always prefer to work together rather than have you or your student continue to worry.


    Thank you for all you do for your child and our school community, we will make this a great year!


    Jeremy Hugo, Principal

    Ridgeview Elementary School


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