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    Welcome to Springfield Public Schools' Transition Services
    Transition Services are an array of services provided to youth with an Individual Education Program (IEP). These services are in conjunction with the students' academic classes. The services cover the four main domains of transition:
    • Education
    • Employment
    • Independent Living
    • Community Participation

    Transition plans start at the high school

    During the school year when a special needs youth turns 16, the IEP team and the IEP document address preparing the student to make a smooth transition from public school to the world of work, higher education, community integration, skills toward independent living and service coordination with area adult agencies. Each of Springfield's high schools has a transition specialist who meets with the 16-year-old to explore the student's strengths, interests and transition skills. This information is presented to the student's IEP team and a sequential transition plan is designed. The process is in accordance to the mandates of the Reauthorization of Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) for special needs youth.

    Springfield High School and Thurston High School offer sequential transition courses to all special needs youth grades 9 through 12. In the 9th grade transition course parallels are drawn between transitioning from middle school to high school and transitioning from high school to work or higher education. While the students are learning how to transition into high school likewise, they are developing an insight as to why transition plans are important for graduation from high school to adult life. Topics covered in transition coursework include creating a resume, filling out job applications, how to interview for jobs, where to look for jobs in the student's interest areas, and skills for independent living. During the last two years of high school students have the opportunity to gain work experience in the school and community as well as explore options for post secondary education.

    At every Springfield district grading period the teachers submit a written report on the student's progress towards his/her transition goals. During each IEP meeting the IEP Team reviews the student's progress and develops new goals that advance the transition skills of the student.

    Transition after graduation

    Many students who experience disabilities complete high school with a traditional High School Diploma and move on to employment or continuing education. Others finish with either a Modified Diploma or a Certificate of Completion and are eligible to continue receiving district special education transition services through the school year they turn 21 years of age. These students may choose to access these transition services through the Community Transition Program (CTP).

    CTP, established in the Springfield School District in 1990, is a program for students with mild to moderate disabilities ages 18-21 who need additional support as they transition to adulthood. Students in CTP continue to have an Individual Education Program (IEP) with a focus on post-secondary goals. The program is designed to continue serving students in the four domains of transition:
    • Work
    • Independent Living
    • Community Inclusion
    • Post-Secondary Education
    This is done through a variety of hands-on, community-based activities including work experience, shopping, cooking, city bus access, swimming, community service projects, academic classes, workout routines, social skill development, gardening, recreation, and many more. In addition, CTP staff help connect students to various adult service agencies that are essential to their smooth transition out of district services, including Vocational Rehabilitation, Developmental Disabilities Services, Social Security and more.

    In addition to CTP services, the district offers working-age students with disabilities access to the Youth Transition Program (YTP), which operates through a grant from the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (OVRS). YTP is charged with providing students opportunities to build work skills. The program’s collaboration with OVRS focuses on helping students find and keep competitive employment. YTP creates program revenue and provides work experiences for students through the Transition Garden Project and the CTP Coffee Cart.
    CTP and YTP work closely in serving students in the Springfield School District. Students may choose to access one or both programs, depending upon their level of need and personal preferences.

    For more information regarding district transition services, please contact Sally Mann, CTP teacher, at (541) 501-3571 or Kevin Hillman, YTP coordinator, at (541) 501-3276.

    Out and About
    Visit the Transition Garden booth at SPROUT! on Friday afternoons for delicious organic produce and help support the program! (You can also follow the Transition Garden on Facebook to see what they're offering this week.)
    You can also visit the CTP Coffee Cart in the Springfield City Hall lobby on Friday mornings between 8:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. Delicious coffee drinks are available, along with teas, Italian soda and student-prepared treats.

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