• Early Entrance in Springfield Kindergartens
    Administrative Procedure: IKE-AR
    In general, children are expected to be five years of age on or before September 1 before enrolling in kindergarten. However, exceptions may be permitted for children whose birth dates fall between September 2 and October 1 if the data clearly indicates that a child will achieve in the top 10% of the kindergarten class in the areas of development: social, emotional, academic and intellectual. 
    After notifying the Director of Programs of their intent, it is the responsibility of the parent to secure a private evaluation by a fully qualified individual of their choice. All costs incurred for early entry testing will be the parent's responsibility.
    Intellectual, academic, and socio-emotional data is used in making the determination. A team that shall include a district administrator and school psychologist and may include a kindergarten teacher will review the data. Additional team members may be included if it appears to be appropriate and the team may consider information provided by persons and/or agencies outside the district.
    As the team begins to study the collected intellectual, academic, and socioemotional data, these factors will be considered:
    1.  Students will be expected to score at or above the 90th percentile on at least one of the following:
         a)  intellectual ability
         b)  academic ability
    2.  Students will demonstrate the social/emotional maturity expected of five- to six-year-old children.
    All recommendations for early entry will be reviewed by the Director or Programs. If the Director's decision is unsatisfactory to the parents, they may appeal to the Superintendent or designee for a final decision.
    The accompanying flow chart, Figure 1, traces the procedures for parents who want to consider early entry into kindergarten for their children.
    Flow Chart