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Nutrition Services

In addition to the standard choices offered at each school, middle and high school students can choose from a café menu. Cafés were introduced at the secondary level to give students more options, with the idea of keeping more students on-campus for lunch.

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Elementary School Menus 
Middle School Menus
High School Menus

Willamette Leadership Academy
After School Menu

Meal Charge Policy

As of March 1, 2010, the Nutrition Services Department has continued to enforce the District’s current policy (EFAB) regarding the ability to charge breakfast and lunches. This policy states:
“The student shall be allowed a maximum of three meal charges each year. Students and parents will be notified after the second charge, after a third charge the student will be expected to bring a meal or pay the full meal price. If that student has used more than three unpaid meal charges, the student may be offered a substitute lunch”. “Students with disabilities, and/or in grades K-3 who may be unable to take full responsibility for meal money shall be exempt from the three meal charge limit”.