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Thank You Certified Staff! 🤗

Thank You Certified Staff! 🤗
Allison McGowan

Certified Staff are celebrated each year during the first week in May. 

Who are certified staff? Why, teachers of course! And not only teachers, but all of the other staff who have earned certification in their field and use those skills to serve every student, every day. They are learning specialists, school counselors, nurses, dean of students, speech therapists, school psychologists, and more.

We asked you to share which certified staff have touched your student's life. Here's what you had to say!

Sarah Ragle, Thurston Elementary School Kindergarten Teacher: "Mrs. Ragle immediately noticed when my son was in need of speech therapy and communicated with me quickly, and positively to get the resources needed. She was so compassionate and positive about my child and his first experience in kindergarten, he comes home everyday thankful that even with his speech (and missing teeth) she still understands him and is always patient!"

Dave Smith, Briggs Middle School 6th Grade Math and Science Teacher: "Mr.Smith is nice and kind to everyone and puts a smile on everybody’s face. He helps everyone when they are at their lowest and makes everyone’s day!"

Joni Wareham, Maple Elementary English Language Development (ELD) Teacher: "Joni really cares about each child individually, she always takes into account their culture and language and tries to give that reassuring encouragement to the children who need it, she helps parents feel safe and guides us to help and support our children. I am so thankful to have her at MAPLE and I sincerely hope that all schools that have children whose first language is not English have beautiful teachers who love their work like teacher Joni Wareham."

Mary Bakken, Thurston Elementary School Behavior Specialist: "She works with my son through the Check In/Check Out program each day and has for many years. I want her to know how much my family appreciates everything she does. He has someone to talk/connect with throughout the day and that alone has been such a blessing. Whether he’s having a hard day or a better day he knows she is there for him. She means more to my family than I think she realizes and I hope she knows how special she is to my son and all the kids she works with through Thurston. Programs like Check In/Check Out are amazing and I hope more families consider having their kid be a part of it."

Sally Golden, Community Transition Program (CTP) Teacher: "I love her so much."

Mindy Melendrez, Ridgeview Elementary School Kindergarten Teacher: "She is so sweet and caring!! You can tell she absolutely loves her students!"

Jennifer Mays, Hamlin Middle School 7th Grade Student Counselor: "Ms. Mays has helped both of my children navigate through sometimes troubled school waters. Her continued support and thoughtfulness even after my eldest was out of school is extremely touching. I am so glad that Ms. Mays is there for the students! Her hard work shows and is greatly appreciated by all! Thank you, Ms. Mays."

Colleen Felix, Douglas Gardens Elementary Kindergarten Teacher: "Mrs. Felix has taught our son so much in his first year of school! He thinks he’s learned it all actually! She uses fun and creative ways to teach kids, and I appreciate that she has high expectations and makes a point to teach positive social skills."

Elissa Barton, Maple Elementary School 3rd Grade Teacher: "She is a very good teacher. She is the best teacher I have ever had. I am amazed that she is really patient, kind and knows how to handle the group when sometimes we get really rowdy. I have learned a lot from her how to take care of myself and how to concentrate on my homework in class instead of distractions in class."

Carolyn Hoshaw, Maple Elementary 1st Grade Teacher: "She helps us handle complicated situations and when I need help she is there for me and she treats us with kindness and helps us to be safe."