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SPS Shows Modest Improvements in State Metrics

SPS Shows Modest Improvements in State Metrics
Allison McGowan

Newly released data reveals Springfield Public Schools (SPS) continues to make modest gains in several key areas. The data was released as part of the Oregon Department of Education’s At-A-Glance profile. The profiles are designed to provide key school and district-level information to local communities.
“These snapshots are another way for us to utilize data to compliment the work our students and staff are completing in the classroom,” said David Collins, Assistant Superintendent. “While the hard work and investments of our students, families and staff are highlighted in several areas, there is still much work to be done.”
According to the ODE data, SPS saw an improvement in half of the key metrics compared to the previous year.

  • On track to graduate – 80% (students earning a quarter of graduation credits in their 9th grade year)
    • Increase of 5% from previous year
  • On-time graduation – 76% (students earning a diploma within four years. Cohort includes students who were first-time ninth graders in 2018-graduating in 2021-22)
    • Increase of 1% from previous year
  • Five-year completion – 83% (students earning a high school diploma or GED within five years. Cohort includes students who were first-time ninth graders in 2017-18 finishing in 2021-22)
    • Increase of 4% from previous year
  • Regular Attenders – 56% (students who attended more than 90 percent of enrolled school days did not change from the previous year)
    • No change from previous year
  • Grade 3 English Language Arts – 36% (students meeting state grade-level expectations)
    • No change from previous year
  • Grade 8 Mathematics – 17% (students meeting state grade-level expectations)
    • Decrease of 2% from previous year

“Springfield Public Schools continues to utilize a variety of data types and information to help drive decisions and improve the learning environment,” said Collins. “Our Freshman Learning Team is a great example. This group, which consists of teachers and administrators, utilizes SPS-created criteria to identify students who may be challenged to meet on track attributes. Our counselors and administrators then provide additional support and encouragement to utilize a variety of strategies including recovery credit programs. This provides better success for students to get back on track to successfully continue their high school education.”
Additional recent investments include an added administrator at each high school and family school coordinators at all schools.
Background on the At-A-Glance school and district profiles
The At-A-Glance School and District Profiles are available on the ODE’s website. The At-A-Glance profiles include graphics showing how a school or district compares to the statewide average in categories like regular attenders, graduation rates, median class size and more. The profiles were developed with extensive input from Oregon families, including families of historically underserved students. The data points represent a comprehensive approach to evaluating and measuring a school’s impact on students.