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SPS Board seeks public input on proposal to provide stipend to school board Members

SPS Board seeks public input on proposal to provide stipend to school board Members
Allison McGowan

The Springfield Public Schools Board of Education is actively seeking public input regarding a proposal to provide a monthly stipend to school board members, up to $500 per month. This move comes after the recent passage of House Bill 2753, which removed the prohibition on compensation for school board members.

The Board evaluated the proposal during its August 28 Work Session and September 11 Business Meeting. Discussions centered around understanding the potential impacts and benefits of providing compensation to board members.

"This could open the door to possibilities for folks who are parents and work long hours, single parents or other underrepresented folks who see a barrier to access because of time and financial constraints," said Kelly Mason, Board Vice Chair, during the August 28 Work Session. "This could change the faces that you see in the future and the future of school boards in Springfield."

"Board service can be a financial and time burden," said Jonathan Light, Board Chair. "Many times you see people in more financially secure positions who are able to serve on the Board. But is that actually casting a broad enough net to find diverse board members to guide the District? Perhaps a modest conversation would help."

The funds for the stipends, which could total $30,000, would come from the Board's budget. An annual resolution would be utilized to make any necessary adjustments, including an alignment with the Consumer Price Index.

In order to ensure the community's voice is heard, SPS invites people to provide their input on this proposal. 

The Board could take action at its October 9 Business Meeting.  

Springfield Public Schools values the thoughts and opinions of its community members. By actively seeking public input, the District aims to make informed decisions that best serve the interests of its students, families, and community.