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New K-12 Instructional Materials

New K-12 Instructional Materials
Allison McGowan

At the start of the 2023-24 school year, K-12 students will be greeted by new instructional materials in several subjects.  

These instructional materials, including textbooks, arrive in schools as the last step in a year-long process of careful deliberation, planning and organizing.  

"Our teachers have spent countless hours focusing on the standards and identifying the best programs to ensure a well-rounded education," said Whitney McKinley, K12 Director of Teaching and Learning.  

The instructional materials cover subjects in language arts, math and foreign languages.  Programs are chosen with district priority standards in mind.  Priority standards are the benchmark learning that is guaranteed to the community and parents.

Chosen programs are then presented to the School Board for approval.  

"We believe in providing our students with the tools they need to succeed and reach their full potential," said McKinley.  "With these new instructional materials, we're confident that our students will thrive and excel in their learning journeys."

Teacher work teams "map" the new instructional materials to the district priority standards and will teach their fellow teachers the curriculum maps during inservice week in August.  This ensures that every student across the district will receive instruction focused on meeting priority standards. 

Many school district teams work behind the scenes to make the arrival and distribution of the new instructional materials successful.