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Four SPS Schools to Get Upgraded Security Cameras

Four SPS Schools to Get Upgraded Security Cameras
Allison McGowan

Four Springfield schools will have upgraded security cameras installed in time for the start of the 2023-24 school year.

The new digital cameras are a significant improvement over the current analog cameras.  A digital system means that select administrators and law enforcement can review recorded video remotely and more accurately identify individuals in the event of an incident.  The confidentiality of students is maintained at all times and in compliance with Board Policies.

The new system has been installed at Springfield High School, with Thurston High School, Academy of Arts & Academics (A3) and Brattain Campus installations to be completed over summer 2023.  

The $683,000 cost of the cameras and installation was paid for with funds allocated by the School Board for capital improvements.

"Safety and security is always the top priority for the district," said Brett Yancey, Chief Operations Officer.  "We have prioritized spending on security cameras to the top, along with ongoing improvements to access and fencing."

Over time, the district plans to install the cameras at its middle and elementary schools.