• Springfield Teacher Leader Cadre
    STLC Brochure Cover The  Springfield Teacher Leader Cadre (STLC) is focused on keeping great teachers working with students by providing alternate career pathways, continuous professional development, and growth through leadership opportunities.
    Comprised of 36 teachers, the Teacher Leader Cadre works to break down the barriers between schools and grade levels.  Cadre members are focused on four primary goals:
    1. Promoting collegiality through monthly meetings and universal topics
    2. Breaking down barriers through the use of LEARNing Walks
    3. Encouraging continuous growth and reflection through teacher-led professional development, and
    4. Building bridges with leadership through monthly Advisory Council meetings.
    Cadre members have each completed a rigorous application process including the creation of a time capsule, multiple observations, and an interview.
    The application process occurs twice per year: November-April and May-October. Watch for emails opening for nominations or contact Laura Scruggs, 541-726-3347, for more information.

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    The following video was created in 2012.  Since then the program has undergone a name change, but the sentiments and purpose has remained.