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    Posted by Sharon McGhehey on 10/19/2022 1:00:00 PM
    Hello Hamlin Families!
    2022-23 is off to an amazing start!  The Hamlin Way = Respect.  Respect of self, others and our Hamlin Community!
    Each new school year brings excitement and anticipation to the lives of teachers, parents and students alike.  Of all these, the parent’s role is often the most challenging.  At an age where students are experiencing and in some cases demanding more freedom, parents are struggling with how much to let go.  The parental role is just as important now, than it was when your child was an infant.  In relation to your student’s education please keep the following in mind:
    Attitude:  It begins with attitude.  If you have a positive attitude toward school in general, your child will also have a positive attitude. If you have concerns about the school or the teacher, be very careful how you voice these concerns in front of your child. Your child will pick up on your attitude, adopt it as his or her own, and take it to school. Negative and apathetic attitudes are at the root of a large portion of discipline problems at school.
    Support:  Your child cannot do it alone, but at the same time your child is at a point in their lives where they need to develop self advocacy skills.  Encouraging your child to seek help from their teachers and peers, while supporting their efforts, will go a long way in teaching them to become self sufficient.
    Priorities:  In order for education to come out on top, it must be given top priority. There must be a true commitment on your part in light of the many interesting and beneficial activities that are available for your child. These include sports, scouts, music/dance lessons, and other activities including friends. Too many activities will bring down the educational level of your child. This should be closely monitored during the school year. 
    Communication:  Keep the lines of communication open. Check your child's planner daily.  Always go to the teacher with any problems before going to the Principal. You and the teacher are on the same side - the side of your child.  If something just doesn’t sound right, it probably isn’t.  Call, stop in or e-mail - we will be in contact within 24 hours.
    Attendance:  You, as the parent, have the power to control your child's attendance, including being on time. Poor attendance and tardiness directly affect a child's school success in numerous ways, emotionally as well as scholastically. 
    Please understand that signing out is the same as being absent. Your child will miss vital instruction.  When you sign your child out unnecessarily, you are telling your child that school doesn't matter. Restrict sign outs to sickness of the child, or a true family emergency.  If you are experiencing difficulty with getting your child to school please feel free to contact us.
    Looking forward to a great school year,
    Kevin Wright
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