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  • Families, the end of the current school year is quickly approaching, and it is time to begin preparations for next year! We would like to confirm your enrollment for the 2023-2024 school year and verify the information we have on file for your household. Verifying early is vital to the  planning process for next year. 


    ParentVue has always provided access to attendance, grades, and report cards and now can be used to verify records or new enrollment as well.  


    No ParentVUE account?  No problem - we can help! If you have a current student, you already have a ParentVue account waiting to be activated. Follow this link to “Request Account Activation” where you set up an account to see your student’s information and verify their records.


    Forgot your password? We can reset it. Just call your school’s office. 


    Verification: Please take the time to review all the information carefully. Update custodial and health information, if applicable. Verify phone numbers, work information, and emergency contacts. 



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Hamlin Principal's Corner

  • Principal's message, Spring '23

    Posted by Kevin Wright on 4/28/2023 11:00:00 AM

    Dear Parents,


             Spring is here, and the pleasant weather tends bring out dress code violations.  Please review the following dress code with your son or daughter and assist them in making good choices when it comes to dress and school. 


    Dress and Appearance:

    Dress and appearance shall not be disruptive to the learning process:

    1. Shoes and shirts are to be worn at all times (we recommend that students do not wear sandals or opened toed shoes to school).
    2. Students are to wear clothing where the midriff is covered.  No undergarment clothing should be showing.
    3. Students are expected to be neat and clean at all times.
    4. Hats and caps are not to be worn inside the building (this includes the hoods on sweatshirts).
    5. Displays, including jewelry or wording on clothing which are sexually suggestive, drug alcohol or tobacco related, gang related, vulgar, insulting, or which ridicule a particular person or group, are prohibited.
    6. No flagging or sagging of pants, belts or other clothing items.  Pants are to be worn on the hips and belts will be tucked in at the belt loops.
    7. Chains that hang, snag, or flag are not to be worn on campus.


    A good rule of thumb, when assisting your child in his or her choice of dress is to look at school as your child’s job.  He or she is coming to school with the objective of getting an education and their dress should reflect the seriousness to which they take their academics.  As always please feel free to call with questions or concerns.


    Thanks for your support,


    Kevin Wright


    Hamlin Middle School

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