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Issues, Questions, or Concerns

Start Here!

Step 1: Contact your student's teacher

1. The Teacher

The first person to resolve any concerns that you might have with a course, its contents, or how a class is structured is the classroom teacher. Parents can request a phone call, email, or in-person meeting. Most issues are successfully resolved at this point, especially when the concern is brought to the teacher quickly. If a resolution is not reached, the next person to discuss your concerns with is the Assistant Principal or Principal.

Step 2: Contact the Assistant Principal or Principal

2. The Assistant Principal and Principal

As the instructional leaders, the Assistant Principal and Principal are responsible for setting the tone for discipline and instruction. If you have suggestions or concerns about discipline or instruction, the Dean of Students, the Assistant Principal, Principal, or Supervisor of the department at your school can coordinate and facilitate meetings between the students, the parents, and teachers. If a resolution is not reached, the next person to discuss your concerns with is the Principal's supervisor.

3. The Directors

When a concern cannot be resolved at the school level, the next step is to contact the principal’s supervisor. Please see contact information below for each grade level.

Special Education

Special Programs Director, Brian Megert, (541) 726-3224

Elementary Education

Elementary School Director, Joyce Johnson, (541) 726-3256

Middle School Education

Middle School Director, Whitney McKinley, (541) 726-3262

High School Education

High School Education Director, Mindy LeRoux, (541) 726-3335